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If you are going to be interested in my work, it will be because you share with me similar points of view about the personal and societal rewards of the creation of art. Here, as succinctly as I am able to describe it, is my central view of the work of art that informs me as an artist, teacher, and author.

The prime work of art is to join heaven and earth.

Farfetched? Not to me. By heaven I mean hope, wonder, spirit, the endless mystery of the wild universe and whatever makes the whole thing tick. By earth, I mean me, and collectively, all humans. Thus the grand project of art is to work at the joining, the rejoining, of them with us; creating an ecology, a pattern that connects humans (me) with the rest of the universe.

Art embraces all the untidy, unjust, unpredictable, fathomless, but oh so wonderful world exactly as it is, and says "yes" to the whole unruly, gorgeous mess. That is only one half of art, the other essential portion of art is that it also imagines a world that is more just, more patterned, somewhat less painful, but just as mysterious and wonder full.

The work of art is to join, as I said, heaven and earth. Doing this is vital. Always so, especially now when we seem so intent on separating earth even further from heaven.

My web site opens on to a number of ways in which I work at this as an artist, art teacher, author, and lecturer, and how to contact me. I'd like to hear from you.

- Peter London